If your state or local advocacy group would like SBD to analyze your Bike Incident Report data and to prepare a report, we will do so at reasonable rates.

Reports will include statistical analysis of data including scatterplots of relationships among cyclist attributes, nature and time of incidents, responses of cyclists to incidents and logistic regression to understand the importance of various factors. Your data will then have a greater impact on government and transportation officials with statistical rigor backing up your presentations.

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REPORT data 

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Help Make Bicycling Safer

SBD will provide your state or local bicycling advocacy group with data compiled by SBD quarterly, including graphical summaries and spreadsheet records free of charge. Your group must provide a prominent link to the SBD website on your group's website to receive data for your area.

A major advantage of having SBD maintain a database on near misses and underreported crashes is that country-wide information will be gathered as more state and local groups join SBD in making cycling safer. The sum of state and local data will be a powerful tool in advocating for safe roads and cyclists' rights.

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