Help Make Bicycling Safer


Safety on the Road

Harassment by Drivers

  • Harassment happens far too often
  • ​Some motorists have a sense of entitlement to the road
  • Do not respond to the harasser since it might escalate the interaction and lead to violence
  • Remember harassers already have anger issues!
  • Get the license plate of the vehicle and report it to the police
  • ​Arizona has harassment laws but none specifically about harassment against cyclists
  • Many other states have 'harassment against cyclist' laws

Safe Cycling Tips

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Wear bright colors or reflective clothing
  • Use red tail lights for visibility
  • Use a rear-view mirror
  • Ride in the designated bike lane whenever possible
  • Use hand signals when turning, slowing or stopping
  • Cycle in groups when possible
  • ​Avoid riding at dusk. It's when the highest number of crashes and deaths occur
  • Follow the traffic laws when riding.
  • It hurts the image of cyclists if we run stop signs and red lights!