Help Make Bicycling Safer


The roads and highways where you live were built with taxpayer money to serve the needs of all the people. People who bicycle are taxpayers like you, who wish to use their bicycles for commuting, shopping or recreation. You and cyclists alike use motor vehicles as well. Neither motorists nor cyclists have priority in the use of roads or highways wherever you live. Statutes in your state or country give legal rights for cyclists to use the roads and highways. So the question for motorists is:

How can I share the road with cyclists that is safe and courteous?

Below are suggestions for courteous and safe driving.

Quick tips

  • Be patient and courteous
  • Slow down
  • Move left as far as possible
  • Use your signals when turning
  • Do not turn right, in front of cyclists
  • Expect the unexpected 



Courteous and Safe Driving with Cyclists

  • Do not drive into or encroach upon bike lanes - bike lanes are  for the cyclists only, not extra room for motor vehicles.

  • Yield to bicycles whenever there is a question of safety.

  • Be patient when passing a cyclist - slow down and pass only when it is safe.


  • When passing cyclists, move to the left as far as possible. Give them half a lane when you can. Laws in most states require only a 3 foot minimum, but that is too close to a cyclist, particularly if your vehicle is large or you are driving fast.

  • Look before you merge or turn. Check your mirrors and blind spots for approaching cyclists.

  • Be prepared for cyclists to move into the driving lane at any  time. Why? Bike lanes often have gravel, glass, metal and other debris that cyclists need to avoid in order to prevent crashes  and damage to their bikes.

  • If you need to make a right turn don't try to overtake a cyclist  and make a quick turn. Cyclists are traveling faster than you think. Slow down behind the cyclist, use your signal and wait   for them to pass.

  • Exit your vehicle safely - look for cyclists before opening your door.

  • Stay alert and avoid distracted driving - put away mobile devices, food, newspapers, books and personal hygiene products.

​Safe Driving with Cyclists