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Read about some of the near misses or crashes reported to SBD

The mission of SafeBicyclingData is to collect and disseminate information about near misses and unreported crashes to statewide and local cycling advocacy groups. SBD's goal is to establish a proactive standard for identifying and correcting dangerous cycling situations throughout the United States.

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Near misses are non-injury incidents that could have led to an injury crash under slightly different circumstances. Industries and safety agencies around the world use near misses to identify dangerous situations and to correct them before injuries occur. Let's collect near misses and be proactive  to make cycling safer.

The Rights of Cyclists go beyond the state and local legal statutes that dictate how bicyclists' may use the roads and that require cyclists to obey traffic laws. They are more fundamental! Cyclists have the rights to have infrastructure that is as good or better than driving lanes, to use the bike lanes to the exclusion of motor vehicles, to have intersections designed for the safety of cyclists, and to have the health and safety of cyclists the priority at all times.

Our mission

Bob is an avid recreational cyclist living in Tucson, Arizona. His background in science has fueled his ambition to collect data that can used to make cycling safer for all. He noticed that almost no information is being collected about near-miss bike incidents and that what was being collected lacked rigor to be effective in lobbying for safer cycling infrastructure. 

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