Tips on safe riding practices when sharing the road with motorists. It is just as important for cyclists to ride safely and courteously when sharing the road.

Safe driving with Cyclists

cycling crash pyramid

Here you can find some useful tips about how to drive safely and courteously when encountering cyclists on the road.

bike incident report

The Bike Incident Report was created by SBD in Tucson, Arizona. Every cycling advocacy group can collect near-miss and unreported crash information to help identify safety problems in your community or state before cyclists are seriously injured. Read how to get started to do this in your community.

Cyclists in Tucson were well aware of a very dangerous intersection. There have been numerous near misses in this intersection that could have led to serious injuries. One day the unthinkable happened...

near misses

Help Make Bicycling Safer


Crashes are no Accident!


SafeBicyclingData intends to fill a gap by collecting essential information for making cycling safer on roads. Using the practice of industry, SBD aims to collect data about near misses and minor crashes so that problems can be identified and corrected before cyclists are seriously injured. Read about the Cycling Crash Pyramid.

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If you have had either a near miss or were in a crash involving a motor vehicle or poorly designed or maintained roads and bike lanes, this is the place to file your Bike Incident Report for anywhere in the United States. 

Map of Tucson Incidents